Take a Seat

1 Feb

I love chairs. They can instantly change a space and add so much interest to a room, particularly when they offer a punch of color or unexpected pattern. I am on the lookout for a new set of chairs for my living room. Nothing too crazy because I don’t want them to compete  with my rug (the focal piece of the room). I want something substantial but not as hefty as a full club chair. Here are a few that I have stumbled upon online that I really like. Some more luxe than others but all of them perfectly suited for my space. Hmmm….

This armchair from West Elm looks really comfy and I like the “sweep” arms

I like the long legs on this chair from Room & Board. The look is a bit unexpected. Could be very pretty in “cement”

Crate & Barrel has stylish, decent quality furniture at good prices. If I’m going to buy two chairs, I may want to keep C&B at the top of my list. I like the look of this chair – the scale is right for the room. That being said, if I go with only one chair, this one is a favorite. I love the old-school parlor style and the color is gorgeous. I would opt for the Petrie style altogether but it’s the same as our couch and I don’t want everything too matchy-watchy

This chair from Mitchell Gold is great. I love the 60s look and it seems comfy as well. Again, I don’t think I could do two of these due to space constraints but I do think this would look great with my couch. Mitchell Gold has great fabric choices too

I am in love with the “Louise Chair” from Serena & Lilly. There are some great fabrics to choose from. I especially love the Night leather, Mist Linen and Mushroom Linen

You know, a little color never killed anyone. This chair in Twill Indigo or Orphelia Green is fun. Ballard Designs has a million upholstery options and it’s affordable so I’ll spend some time browsing around here

This chair offers a nice, subtle pattern and could really compliment the other pieces in my living room. It is also super inexpensive!

Now this chair from DWR is more like a little loveseat but it would look great. I love the soft leather

A pair of these tufted slipper chairs would look amazing

Two tips on buying chairs – always sit in them before you buy them and be careful of scale. You don’t want them to overpower your sofa and you don’t want them to be so large that they can’t be moved around easily.


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