14 Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day! This is a great day to celebrate love and sweetness – couples in love, friends and family too. I always send out Valentine’s and this year I was able to get even more creative than usual since I could dive into the cutesy kid stuff out there. So how did I prepare for Valentine’s Day this year? How did I show the love? Here are a few things:

1) I wore red to work today – this Velvet dress (wearing it in red) is so comfy – it’s like wearing dressy pajamas. Also whipped out my red lipstick

2) I bought my husband yummy chocolates and some concert tickets so we can plan for a fun date night

3) I bought myself flowers. A good reminder that you don’t need someone else to brighten your day – girl power!

4) I decorated my son’s nursery with heart balloons and paper heart garland. He also got a little toy

5) Everyone in my family awoke to little presents (including the dogs!) and heart-shaped pancakes

6) Valentines from PaperSource were sent out to everyone in my family – who doesn’t love getting cards??

7) We will celebrate Valentine’s Day evening making homemade pizzas (prosciutto and fig anyone?) and cuddling with our little boy Ok, ok…we may have to watch another episode of my new addiction Downton Abbey

8) I bought a new pair of pretty black high heels (I needed them) and a new panty set from Hanky Panky at Neiman’s

9) I gave my co-workers little chocolate treats

10) I called, texted or emailed my closest of close friends and family to tell them I love them

Any day can be Valentine’s Day and really it’s the little things that count. If someone wants to get me a pair of these diamond earrings I’ve been eyeing that’s fine by me but if someone just wants to spend time with me and tell me over and over again how awesome I am, well that’s good too.

Love and Hugs,

Style Girl


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