So Fresh

18 Feb

Style Girl loves her girlfriends – especially those that share her passions. Welcome guest writer, MB – her discriminating taste and Boston know-how will never disappoint! She’ll be coming around every now and again to share a new product she has fallen in love, a favorite site or two and perhaps a coveted cocktail that should be on everyone’s list – Welcome MB!

My Mother Always Told Me I was a “Fresh” Girl

I have never been a make-up girl… something about applying eyeliner and mascara has always troubled me but I am a product girl and let me tell you, I have been a fan of the Fresh product line for quite some time. If you haven’t been to the Fresh boutique located on my favorite block of Newbury Street (between Clarendon & Dartmouth), I urge you to make a visit The girls (Sarah, Ulana, Storme and Jeannie) are just delightful and so helpful. And a fun little fact about this company, they started right here in our lovely city. Nothing like some home-grown talent.

Here are just a few of my favorite products:

Soy Shampoo 

I love everything about this shampoo – the simple packaging, the clean scent, the glow it brings to my locks. And the best, it’s known to bring moisture back to the hair. Genius.

Pomegranate Conditioner

Every good shampoo needs a good conditioner and this is the perfect complement to the Soy Shampoo. I typically wash and condition my hair everyday and this lightweight formula allows for this ritual.  And while these two products are a bit pricy, they last as you don’t need much to go a long way. And even better, they sell travel sizes so you can try it out before making the big investment.

Soy Face Cleanser 

I have been using this product religiously for at least four years. According to the Fresh Web site, “this cleanser is ideal for all skin types and contains nourishing amino acids, rich soy proteins, and soothing botanicals to hydrate, calm, and tone. The lightweight, natural cucumber- and rose-scented formula has a refreshing, cooling effect.” As an added bonus for those who wear makeup, it also effectively removes every last trace, even mascara. Note: StyleGirl uses this religiously too!

Black Tea Age Delay Moisturizer

Wait, did I really just admit that I use a product with the words “age delay”…. my secret is out. This nourishing and soothing cream has restored a certain glow to my skin. I can’t tell you how many have commented lately and I owe it all to this product (and perhaps the gallons of water I drink)!

And last but not least, the best lip balm in the world – Sugar Lip Treatment with SPF 15 which not only leaves your lips kissable but is now available in colors including Rose, Plum, and Passion. If you read one of my other favorite blogs “A Cup of Jo” than you know that Jo recommend this very product to feel pretty on a date.

Fresh products also make a perfect gift and their wrapping in simple and elegant. I actually use their gift boxes to store old cards on my desk.

Since I know we have all made the New Year’s resolution to be more mindful with our dollars, I should mention that Fresh has a loyalty program and for each $100 you spend, you get a stamp on your card and after 5 punches, you are rewarded with a $50 gift card. And a little inside tip, they routinely offer double points.

So stop by the store at 121 Newbury and sign-up today. Tell them MB sent you!

*For readers who are outside the Boston area, check out the Fresh line at Sephora


One Response to “So Fresh”

  1. Laura February 18, 2012 at 5:52 pm #

    MB – I couldn’t agree with you more about the Soy Face Cleanser… been using it for years and it’s amazing!!!! Love the “Here Comes the Sun” face palette too!

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