A Playroom for Bebe

16 Apr

Oh the little ones grow up so fast. Just over nine months ago I held my precious newborn in my arms. Today he is crawling around my house like a little truck (or as my husband says, a little Swiffer). Since my son is now too old for hour-long cuddles and stationary play, it was time to take his darling little nursery which held a twin bed  and significant hidden storage and make space so he can have some adventures of his own. As a reminder, our final nursery design looked like this first picture.

We needed to do a few things to make this space more kid friendly.

  • We needed to remove the bed to create floorspace
  • We needed to get shelving for books and supplies
  • We needed a changing table (we were able to avoid this initially by using a change tray on the bed)
  • We needed to find fun toy storage so that toys were kept tidy but accessible
  • We needed more floor coverage so he could get better traction as he crawled about

So, to start, we moved the bed out and got a decent looking changing table that provided ample shelving. I found ours on Overstock for under $200. We then bought a few fantastic canvas bins from 3 Sprouts which add color and character to the room. After searching high and low I found a great rug by Dash & Albert. Their rugs are versatile, affordable and washable – perfect!

I wanted to make this space functional and inviting – on every level. So I realized that we needed some floor seating. In addition to finding a great kid-size beanbag from Land of Nod, I purchased two blue and white poufs which can be seen in the pics I’ve posted here (I actually got a very good deal on One Kings Lane but you can find a million poufs on Etsy). I also purchased some letter pillows from Serena & Lily. For some visual fun, I placed his simple wicker toy chest in his new red wagon. The shiny new wagon was just sitting in our basement and since he’s still too young to enjoy it outside, I figured he could admire it inside.

The room will continue to change as his needs, interests and toys change. I love how this space is bright, colorful and inviting. He loves to play in his room but really who wouldn’t?


Style Girl


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