It’s a Wrap!

23 Apr

I love pretty packages. I also love my friends that appreciate the beauty of well-wrapped packages as much as I do.  Today, MB is back to talk a little about her favorite wrap styles. If you need further inspiration after reading then think of this the next time you throw something in a gift bag:

“Wrapping is self-expression. It is an extension of the gift. It is the soul of the giver communicating to the soul of the recipient.”

– Megumi Inouye


I am one of those girls who has always judged a book by its cover. Thus, I have adopted the philosophy that gifts should be wrapped with as much love and care as went into selecting the gift. Here are some of my favorite sources for unique gift wrapping as well as a DIY project, which I will attest isn’t unique or that time consuming but a good “green” idea none-the-less.

Smock – Smock has become one of my go-to sources for all things paper. And the reason why? They use bamboo paper, which just happens to be a truly sustainable and renewable resource. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet; grows without pesticides or fertilizers; and requires very little water. Cool, right?! I also love the fact that their gift wrap has complementary designs on both sides so makes a really cute package with 2+ gifts. Check out the Chatham and Pollen wraps – perfect for your spring/summer gift giving!

Chewing the Cud – A fabric wrap… why didn’t I think of this? As you will see, you can choose a wrap based on the significance of the gift: hope, bliss, luck, thanks, and wisdom. For a tutorial on how to wrap with fabric, check out their blog posting:

D-I-Y – I am fairly certain that since you are reading this blog you enjoy shopping almost as much as StyleGirl and I do. And as such, I am sure you have an endless supply of shopping bags in your closet. This past Christmas I decided to use my two large Saks bags stocked with shopping bags from every one of my favorite stores to wrap my holiday gifts. Simply remove the handles, cut off the bottom of the bag, and voila, you have some wrapping paper. For those simple craft bags that look like a grocery store bag, I simply added a little flourish with my stamp pad and created a custom and ever-so-green package.

Looking for some local resources for great wrap? My top three local spots are:

Rugg Road Paper Company – 105 Charles Street
Bob Slate Stationer – 1288 Massachusetts Avenue
Paper Source – locations in Back Bay, Cambridge and Brookline

And as I always remind myself, to give is to receive so enjoy giving a gift with love to those you love the most!


Thanks for the great tips, MB!

Style Girl


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