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A Little Getaway to Kennebunkport

24 May

Memorial Day weekend is here! What better way to celebrate than to pack up your stuff and head out of town for a night? Last weekend we kicked off summer early by heading up to Maine for a little getaway. I’ve been to Maine many times before but usually we stay in Portland. This time we decided to try someplace new – Kennebunkport. I’m usually not a fan of really touristy places with t-shirt shops and a load of people crowding the sidewalks (walking slower than any person really should) so I was wary of heading up to this popular spot. Well  it was well worth the trip!

Kennebunkport is a cute coastal town with fun shops, gorgeous views and some great places to eat. Here’s a rundown of some of my favorite things. I’m sure I missed a few goodies so those of you who know Kennebunkport should weigh in!

Where we stayed – A fantastic B&B called The Captain Jefferds Inn. This place was classic New England  – white-painted house with pretty gardens, a sweeping stairwell and a big sunny patio. The location was great too – just a few blocks from town.  The staff was beyond friendly, the house was meticulous and the bed was big and comfy. Definitely recommended!

Where we ate – We had our 11 -month old son with us so our dining activities were very casual. We had great sandwiches and drinks on the deck at Arundel Wharf Restaurant and enjoyed lobster fare at Mabels Lobster Claw (a favorite in the area – I guess we just missed President Bush!). We also grabbed some pizza from Atlantic pizza. We didn’t get a chance to grab anything from the famed Clam Shack (right before the bridge into town) but the line was really long which suggests only good things

What we did – We walked – a lot. It’s the perfect place to be active whether you walk, run or bike. The views are breathtaking, especially up and down Ocean Avenue. We also hit the Marginal Way in Ogunquit which is just south of Kennebunkport. It’s a beautiful ocean view walk

Shops! – I stumbled upon a few great shops while walking around town:

Day Trip Society – This was a very cool shop. It’s almost hard to explain (see interior picture to the right). A lot of eclectic gifts featuring many earth-friendly brands. The carried typical beachfront shop things like sailcloth bags and pretty coasters to great Orla Kiely bags, cashmere blankets, leather journals, and rope doormats. They also carried these great shoes by Native which are a much cooler Croc alternative. The buyers are certainly creative and the quality of everything in the shop was top-notch

Daytrip Jr.Clearly related to the fabulous shop above, this kids shop was so cheerful and welcoming. It featured clothing from lines like Shiftmod and Patagonia and had fantastic wooden toys, children’s books, games and gifts. It’s a tiny shop but I could have stayed for hours. The best part? The vintage whale ride tucked into the corner. You can have a lot of fun for 25 cents!

Anniebells – The best word to describe this shop is “pretty.” The best phrase to describe this shop is “french guest room.” The number of pretty linens, soaps, candles and pottery in this shop overwhelmed me. It smelled so beautiful that I just wanted to sit down and take out a book (or maybe take a bath…). The owner has distinctive taste and leans towards simple beauty and clean design. With brands like Barr Co, k hall designs, Savon and John Robshaw, it was hard to leave only picking up a few things. See the mermaid bottle opener to the right – could this be any more perfect for summer? I think not

Minka – This great shop is tucked into a pretty little building right next to Ben & Jerry’s. I found it because I was looking for ice cream. Minka focuses on handmade jewels and gorgeous leather accessories as well as interesting art. If you’re into silver, this place is a dream. It’s also a great spot to pick up something unqiue for the person who has everything. Wooden watch, anyone?

Well, I’ll leave my report at that.  If you haven’t been to Kennebunkport, head on over. It’s a special place


Style Girl

Wellies for All

22 May

It’s raining again. Rainy days like this remind me that I have large calves. Really, it’s true. I don’t notice it as much when I’m strutting around in regular shoes but I certainly notice it when I’m trying to shove my legs into rubber boots. I’ve spent the past three years trying to make my legs fit into my tall slender Hunters. Well, I’m done. I have found the light. I have found wide calve wellies! All wide calve ladies rejoice!

I wound up getting a pair of these shorter height Tretorn’s. They are affordable, lined, cushioned and lovely

Quite a few other brands carry boots that fit wider calves. Here are a few stylish options:

Sperry – classic in navy

Hunter – yes, they DO offer a wide-calf version (if only I’d known…)

Nomad in a hundred prints and colors

Crocs – lightweight and adjustable

Bogs – creative design for easy pull-on/off

There are also a lot of mid-calf styles out there that are less problematic than the high boot. Rest assured ladies, if you have larger calves you can still find stylish boots for your puddle jumping.


Style Girl

Trina Turk for Banana Republic

14 May

Through the years, I have been a pretty loyal fan of Banana Republic. It’s a great stop for basics – Oxford shirts, simple dresses, silk blouses and fun baubles to accent any outfit. It’s also affordable so it’s easy to go in and spend money on something trendy because you aren’t dropping a fortune to do so. All that being said, over the past two years I increasingly leave the store empty-handed . This isn’t because I’m on a shopping budget (although that reminds me that I really should be) but because the selection, design and quality of their offering is just disappointing. Their Monogram line is too expensive for what it is, there isn’t enough variety in their inventory (especially in the stores – there is so much more online) and their efforts to link up with shows like Mad Men are overdone. I love the style on Mad Men but who really wears a Betty Draper dress to work or on a Saturday afternoon? I might grab one for a theme party or Cape wedding but I’m certainly not wearing one to the office. It seems that their collections dominate the stores making it hard to find good basics through the noise. The cherry on top is the quality. A lot of the fabric used (especially with their blouses and chino pieces) feel very “Gap” to me and while Banana is part of the same group of stores as the Gap and Old Navy, I think the Banana customer expects a higher quality.

Despite all of this, I continue to have faith that Banana will deliver as they have so many times before. I was thrilled to see the ad in this month’s issue of Lucky announcing the partnership with Trina Turk. On June 7th Trink Turk’s line for Banana Republic will launch. Trina Turk’s signature look is bright, relaxed and feminine (like this gorgeous dress) so I expect great prints and a good dose of color. My expectations are high. Let’s hope that my post on June 8th tells a good story. I will be waiting at the doors on the 7th!


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For the Love of Mom

13 May

This is my first Mother’s Day as a Mom. It’s been a whirlwind since my little one entered my world last July. He is, without a doubt, the most wonderful thing to ever have happened to me. So far motherhood has proven to be an exhausting, boundless journey that tests every limit. There are days when I feel like I’ve mastered the world and other days when I wear the world on my shoulders. The unexpected rules the day but it doesn’t shake me – it’s a ride worth being on.

The most magical thing so far has been watching my son change. Everyday there is something new – a new sound, a new look, a new food, a new toy, a new step, a new laugh. The newness reminds me of what matters. He has become a light to light even the darkest days. He is my little friend and my little love.

So far I love being a mom but I know I have many lessons ahead of me. One thing is certain – I respect all moms and the jobs they do more than I ever have. I am now beginning to understand just how much work, time and heart goes into being a mom. Despite the effort, there is no doubt that this is the most rewarding, special role that I’ll ever have.

Whether you are showered with flowers, gifts or kisses, I wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas that read. You do good work and deserve special thoughts and love not just on Mother’s Day, but every day.


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SoWa is Here!

7 May

You know winter is finally over when the markets come alive. Well, good news. SoWa Market is back and spring has officially begun.

SoWa Market opened yesterday to near record-setting crowds. With over 130 craft vendors, a farmer’s market, an indoor vintage fair and well over a dozen food trucks, SoWa certainly came in with a punch.

I’ve found my fair share of treasures at SoWa over the last few years. From handmade hats, to triple chocolate brownies, there is something for everyone at this delightful spot. If you’re in town this Sunday, come on down to one of the best markets in town. I’ll be there!


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