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Tonight: Shop Local in the South End

25 Jul

The weather outside could not be more perfect.  So, what are you doing tonight? Well if you don’t have plans, or if you plan on going out for dinner and drinks in the city, add shopping in the South End to your list.

The last Wednesday of every month is the South End’s Shop Local event. So tonight, neighborhood merchants will be providing a little some extra to all Boston shoppers who pop into their stores. Discounts, giveaways and munchies will lure shoppers in from around the city. I know that some of my South End favorites – Hudson, FlockPolka Dog Bakery, and Lekker – will be participating. So head on over to the South End tonight to support our local businesses  and pop into The Butcher Shop or Coppa for some vino while you’re at it.


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The Improper Bostonian Lists “Boston’s Best”

16 Jul

It hit newsstands last week. The “Boston’s Best” issue of The Improper Bostonian. I take these listings with a grain of salt since I often wonder if the list is a bit rigged (you know, those places that advertise get higher ratings, etc.). That being said, this list can serve as a great guide to some of the must-hit spots in Boston. This is especially helpful to me since my life has become a bit busier since the wee one came to town. I don’t have the time luxury of hanging out in B-rate (or worse…) places and I certainly love knowing that I’m trying out some of the best spas and salons (an investment always worth making!)

So, who made the list? Click here to read up on the winners. I was a bit disappointed with the lack of creativity on the Improper’s part, as much of the list is quite predictable, but c’est la vie. A shout out to some of my favorites that made the list:

Burrito – Anna’s Taqueria
Why do I love it? The salsa is awesome and I love the cheese
Locations in Boston, Cambridge and Brookline

Coffee ShopSouth End Buttery
Why do I love it? I love the ambiance of the shop, I love the friendly staff, I love the peanut butter cookies and I love my fancy latte
314 Shawmut Avenue – South End

Cupcake – Kickass Cupcakes
Why do I love it? The variety of flavors is awesome, the size is perfect and they deliver
378 Highland Avenue – Cambridge

Deli – Sam La Grassa’s
Why do I love it? Because a good tuna melt is hard to find and this is the best tuna melt I have ever had
44 Province Street – DT Crossing

New RestaurantTrade
Why do I love it? The ambiance is amazing, the bar is perfect and so are the flatbreads
540 Atlantic Avenue – Financial District/Waterfront

Sushi – Douzo
Why do I love it? The spicy tuna roll is fantastic oh and the shumai is good too. This place also has a lively bar scene
131 Dartmouth Street – Back Bay

Dorchester hot spot – Tavolo
Why do I love it? I love having great places in my back yard. This place is friendly, bright and the food is awesome. The price is right too
1918 Dorchester Avenue – Ashmont/DOT

Local TV ShowChronicle
Why do I love it? I know I’m not 60 years old, ok? That being said, I am in love with this regional show that highlights all the lovely places I should go to on weekends and all the local mom and pop places I should visit

FurnitureMitchell Gold + Bob Williams
Why do I love it? I love almost everything in this store. They do a great job of mixing classic and modern designs and the scale is generally perfect for city living. Coveting a pair of white chairs in the window now…
142 Berkeley Street – Back Bay

GiftsFlat of the Hill
Why do I love it? My readers know that I think this is one of the best gift shops in Boston. Housewarming? Birthday? Wedding? Shower? They have you covered. There is something for everyone here and I love the product mix. I’m also always impressed with how much they are able to keep in their very small space
60 Charles Street – Beacon Hill

Home BoutiqueHudson
Why do I love it? Because it’s beautiful. Everything in this shop is beautiful. Owner Jill Goldberg (who is a designer by trade) does a great job mixing neutrals with color. She also isn’t afraid of “going big” – gusto that I personally admire
12 Union Park Street – South End

Parenting StoreISIS
Why do I love it? ISIS has been a great resource for me since I found out I was pregnant. Knowledgeable staff, a shop full of the best in toys and gear, helpful classes and a welcoming environment has made this an invaluable spot
Locations in Boston, Cambridge and Brookline

Children’s ClothingMulberry Road
Why do I love it? This is a great shop that’s been around for a few years. Their product mix is perfect – colorful, high-quality and creative. I always find something perfect when I pop in
128 Newbury Street – Back Bay

Jewelry (Statement making)Good
Why do I love it? Another favorite of mine for sure. Talk about interesting jewelry! I get more compliments on the pieces I get here then I do on anything else I wear. I also love the idea of supporting artists who are high quality but a bit off the main line
88 Charles Street – Beacon Hill

Women’s Clothing (Moderate)Flock
Why do I love it? This is a very cool shop that offers bo-ho chic wear at good prices. Read my earlier feature on this little gem
274 Shawmut Avenue – South End

Women’s ShoesMoxie
Why do I love it? I love Moxie because I can go in and find a pretty pair of shoes that I can beat to hell and say “it was worth the money” – some of the best brands and some of the prettiest styles – yes, please
51 Charles Street – Beacon Hill (new location in Wellesley too!)

Day SpaEmerge
Why do I love it? Emerge is a little oasis in the city. I have always loved my treatments here and I leave truly refreshed. For anyone that knows me, you know that’s something that doesn’t happen too often!
275 Newbury Street – Back Bay

SalonSalon Marc Harris
Why do I love it? I get a lot of compliments on my color and I usually get my hair done at Salon Marc Harris so there you go. Proof is in the pudding
115 Newbury Street – Back Bay

Invitations (modern) – JHill Design
Why do I love it? In full disclosure, I haven’t ordered wedding invitations from Jennifer but I did base my nursery design off her graphic designs. She is a wonder and I am 300% sure her invites are too. She is also very in tune with custom work – a real plus for any bride-to-be

What are some of my other favorites that were missed? Look for my own personal Boston’s Best list coming out next month.


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Sugar Glow Tan = Healthy Tanning

9 Jul

The world of beauty treatments makes me a bit skeptical – What’s worth spending money on? What’s really safe? What’s too high maintenance? This is especially true in the world tanning and skin care.

My tanning history

When I was in college, I went tanning almost every week. Just enough to give myself a good dose of vitamin D and some pink cheeks (but still awful, I know). Since college, I’ve toned it down, only going for special events and to get a “base tan” before big beachy vacations. Well times have changed and I have wised up. Tanning beds are worth avoiding. The statistics on skin cancer are frightening and the long-term effects of sun damage are downright depressing. I tried spray tanning a few times for special events but every time I did it I felt that the color was too unnatural (Hello Muppet!) and it wore off horribly, leaving me spotty and dry. The only sustaining solution I’ve been able to find has been to slather Jergen’s body lotion over my pale skin and hope that it left a glimmer.

Well spray tanning has evolved. I am now a believer. A friend of mine recently started a mobile spray tan business, Sugar Glow Tan. She is literally mobile. She will bring all of her materials to you, wherever you are. She asked me to try it out and I am in love! She came and went in 45 minutes, the spray tan dried in 10 minutes, it lasted for 4-5 days and wore off perfectly – hardly any spots at all! If you are looking for a glow and don’t want to roast in the sun, this is the way to do it. Learn more online.

Happy Summer!


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