Sugar Glow Tan = Healthy Tanning

9 Jul

The world of beauty treatments makes me a bit skeptical – What’s worth spending money on? What’s really safe? What’s too high maintenance? This is especially true in the world tanning and skin care.

My tanning history

When I was in college, I went tanning almost every week. Just enough to give myself a good dose of vitamin D and some pink cheeks (but still awful, I know). Since college, I’ve toned it down, only going for special events and to get a “base tan” before big beachy vacations. Well times have changed and I have wised up. Tanning beds are worth avoiding. The statistics on skin cancer are frightening and the long-term effects of sun damage are downright depressing. I tried spray tanning a few times for special events but every time I did it I felt that the color was too unnatural (Hello Muppet!) and it wore off horribly, leaving me spotty and dry. The only sustaining solution I’ve been able to find has been to slather Jergen’s body lotion over my pale skin and hope that it left a glimmer.

Well spray tanning has evolved. I am now a believer. A friend of mine recently started a mobile spray tan business, Sugar Glow Tan. She is literally mobile. She will bring all of her materials to you, wherever you are. She asked me to try it out and I am in love! She came and went in 45 minutes, the spray tan dried in 10 minutes, it lasted for 4-5 days and wore off perfectly – hardly any spots at all! If you are looking for a glow and don’t want to roast in the sun, this is the way to do it. Learn more online.

Happy Summer!


Style Girl


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