Wellies for All

22 May

It’s raining again. Rainy days like this remind me that I have large calves. Really, it’s true. I don’t notice it as much when I’m strutting around in regular shoes but I certainly notice it when I’m trying to shove my legs into rubber boots. I’ve spent the past three years trying to make my legs fit into my tall slender Hunters. Well, I’m done. I have found the light. I have found wide calve wellies! All wide calve ladies rejoice!

I wound up getting a pair of these shorter height Tretorn’s. They are affordable, lined, cushioned and lovely

Quite a few other brands carry boots that fit wider calves. Here are a few stylish options:

Sperry – classic in navy

Hunter – yes, they DO offer a wide-calf version (if only I’d known…)

Nomad in a hundred prints and colors

Crocs – lightweight and adjustable

Bogs – creative design for easy pull-on/off

There are also a lot of mid-calf styles out there that are less problematic than the high boot. Rest assured ladies, if you have larger calves you can still find stylish boots for your puddle jumping.


Style Girl


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