I Heart Pinterest

9 Apr

I love to flip through magazines for ideas. Fashion and design magazines are at the top of my list (with Harpers Bazaar, Lucky and Elle Decor in the lead). I also will occasionally grab a lifestyle magazine like Real Simple or Everyday with Rachel Ray to get some ideas on work/life balance, space-saving tips and recipes (that I never actually make). I love magazines so much that I subscribe to about ten and I won’t buy a new bag unless a magazine fits inside (clutches don’t apply).

While magazines will always have a special place in my heart (at least for the articles…), a new forum for idea sharing has moved in. Welcome to Pinterest – an online social community that allows you to find and share ideas via virtual pinboards. I stumbled upon this site several months ago when I saw that people were coming to this blog by way of Pinterest. I realized that my son’s nursery had been re-pinnned to the site. Intrigued, I requested and invite and signed up. Now I’m hooked.  It’s creativity for the new world.

Still not convinced you should try it? Well here are some of my recent success stories using Pinterest:

  • I found a great green blouse in one pic – clicked through to J.Crew and it was mine two minutes later
  • I helped a friend find centerpiece options for her casual outdoor wedding. Mason Jars to the rescue. So cheap and chic
  • I got a load of ideas for my son’s first birthday party.  Pinterest has certainly reminded me just how many creative types are out there
  • I found a new shower curtain. I saw a great bathroom in one of the pics, clicked through to the real feature from West Elm and ta da – three clicks to a new shower curtain.
  • I have been inspired to create new Spring flower boxes. Goodbye old pinecones and hello fern, pineapple and baby vine tomatoes!
  • Desperate to find a new living room color, I stumbled upon some beautiful palettes in the Home Decorating category. Saved me loads of time at the store

You can post pictures of your own, share pins from others or use the Pin It! button and capture images on-line. The ideas are endless! Hopefully I’ve inspired you to check it out. If you’re on, follow-me!

Happy Pinning.


Style Girl


One Response to “I Heart Pinterest”

  1. Julie @ Outtakes on the Outskirts April 9, 2012 at 7:46 pm #

    I love Pinterest! I’ve found so many new recipes to try and great crafting ideas. I waste so much time on that site!

    (By the way, I found your blog via the “lifestyles” tag on WordPress. Keep up the good work!)

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